The Life Course Centre’s critical mass is further enhanced by its Partner Investigators and Associate Investigators, who are exceptional leaders in their fields. Partners from the Centre’s international universities bring expertise across a range of disciplines relevant to understanding the transmission of disadvantage and our Australian Government investigators provide strategic advice on the evolution of the Centre’s research program.

Partner Investigators

Dr Fadwa Al Yaman | Australian Institute of Health & Welfare |

Dr Arnaud Chevalier Royal Holloway | University of London |

Dr Rebekah Coley | Boston College |

Professor Miles Corak | University of Ottawa |

Dr Orla Doyle | University College Dublin |

Professor Greg Duncan | University of California Irvine |

Professor Alissa Goodman | Institute of Education |

Professor Heather Laurie | University of Essex |

Professor Adrian Raine | University of Pennsylvania |

Dr Helen Rogers | Department of Social Services |

Professor David Weisburd | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem |

Professor Jean Yeung | National University of Singapore |

Associate Investigators


Professor Janet Currie | Princeton University |

Professor Kathryn Edin | Princeton University |

Professor David Farrington | University of Cambridge |

Professor Harvey Goldstein | University of Bristol |

Professor Guyonne Kalb | University of Melbourne |

Professor Ariel Kalil | University of Chicago |

Professor Michele Haynes | Australian Catholic University |

Associate Professor Chris Ryan | University of Melbourne |

Professor Rob Sampson | Harvard University |

Professor Larry Sherman | University of Cambridge |

Professor Fiona Steele | London School of Economics |

Professor Barbara Wolfe | University of Wisconsin-Madison |